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Who invented puff pastry?

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 What is puff pastry?

We use puff pastry in tarts, pies and other tasty goodies, but to make it isn’t so easy…..

The basic ingredients:

The 2 main ingredients are flour and butter but at the start, you need water and a pinch of salt. To make the dough, you add the flour and salt then gradually add the water, then you get clingfilm to wrap it on top of the bowl and chill for about 2 minutes.

The history of the pastry:

The first existence of puff pastry was all the way back in the 17th century to the French painter and cook Claude Lorrain. The story says that Lorrain was making buttery bread for his sick father. He rolled dough into thin sheets, spread with oil especially olive oil and butter folding the sheets and with a finishing end there were layers of butter soon was cooked and were eventually sold.

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