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The Benefits of Reading books for Busy People

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The Benefits of Reading books for Busy People 1

“Books are a uniquely portable magic” – Stephen King

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The mental health benefits of reading books

Reading is one of life’s long pleasures, some folks get into the habit during their early education years, some folks find the passion for a good read in later life, and others have yet to pick up a book to read for pleasure or relaxation. It is well-proven reading has great mental health benefits. Your mind relaxes, becomes present in the moment, and becomes present in the moment of the story. Reading a book can take you places of your dreams, into the past, the present, and even the future.

Stress Management and Health

Reading a book should be part of your stress management routines, lower stress, lowers anxieties. There are other health benefits to reading books too. Keeping the mind active, with research suggesting an active mind helps protect memories, helps the fight against the onset of dementia and Alzheimers.

Book reading and the learning process

Reading a book exposes one to the vocabulary and meaning of old and new concepts. As you read your understanding of the subject represents an inverted pyramid. Ever notice the first time you read a new learning subject, the first few pages can appear to be written in a different language, new phrases, new vocabulary, and new learning explanations are difficult to grasp. Often rereading the page several times. Magic takes place over time as you become accustomed to the writings of the subject, this process is unique to books. Your base knowledge grows, with subsequent knowledge having somewhere to be filed and related to. This is why the old advice, is to read about the topic you are studying or interested in, to facilitate the learning and understanding process.

Book reading and the power of Visual Memory, our biggest asset

This typically applies to fiction or nonfiction stories but also can apply to anything in print, but typically tends to work better with novels. In the mind’s eye, as you read chapter upon chapter, your mind goes on a fantastic journey of discovery, as it sees the characters walking the deck of the tramp steamer in 1919 or the clerks office in 18th century London. That process uses our visual memory, which is an incredibly powerful way of remembering experiences. Your mind has created the stage, and then placed the characters of the book on that stage. Some people who regard themselves as not having a great memory appear to go on and be able to retell at some depth the details of the plot or storyline they are currently reading. That is down to the wonders and power of visual memory.

Book Reading stops you from multitasking

In our post on why you should stop Multi-tasking, we explored the reasons why you need to adopt a productive multi-task-free lifestyle. Book reading is the epitome of that philosophy, you cannot read two books at the same time, you may read while the radio is on, but I can assure you the mind is focused on the book. Unless that is the book holds no interest to you, or it’s too difficult to read, then I agree you are probably tunning more into the radio while your mind’s eye scans the words. The point is this, take a break from your competing set of tasks and read a book, and that book may also happen to be the manual.

Some people know what type of book they like to read whether it’s a comedy or a thriller. But others who like to read and finished their book don’t know what to read next? hopefully, this article will help you.

What type of book genre are you into?

There is a genre of book for every mood and for every occassion. There are quick reads, long reads, fiction, non-fiction, educational, documentary. There is a style and taste to match every prospective reader.

There are clues in how to identify the genre that is wright for you, and that is to ask yourself or someone who knows you quite well. ‘What type of movie or TV do you like watching?’ What period of time do you like, edgy stories about today, vintage or centuries of old.

Here are some genres for you to look at:

  • Classic
  • horror
  • comedy
  • mystery
  • action
  • drama
  • adventure
  • historical
  • fiction
  • farytale
  • legend
  • Non-Fiction
The Benefits of Reading books for Busy People 2
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Read what you like,dont change your style of reading becuse of others. Also reading a series of a type of book is good so you you whats the next book like for exampel Harry Poter is a world-wide know book in almost every contry and it has 8 books in the series so you wont have to think what books next for a while.If you still dont know what to read then…..

Get recommendations:

Get ideas from your friends and family,idealy friends becuse most likely they are close to your age and it really helps also with family ask and you never know you might like the book they give the recommendation to you and plus you might find your favourite genre.Also try all he genures read a bit of everything read a couple of pages of comedy and a bit of classical so then you get the overall picture.Hope this helps you for those who are struggeling with reading,keep on reading!

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