Claim £125 TAX RELIEF Now! even if you worked 1 day

TAX Reliefe HMRC Working from home

UK Employees who have been asked by their employer to work from home can claim up to £125.00 tax relief for the 2021 to 2022 tax year even if your employer only requested you work from home for one day. That means eligible employees who are returning to the office or or have already returned […]

Do Not Disturb Ideas when Working from Home

Do not Disturb Ideas when working at Home

Working from Home does present some challenges and one of the main ones, is not to be disturbed. Sounds simple to solve right? Think back to when you where in the office last, what did you do not to be disturbed? well probably not allot, it could be a constant stream of interruptions throughout the […]

How to Spend your Working From Home budget: Best Devices to Buy

How to spend your working form home budget the best buys

Whether your firm has given you some budget to spend on your Working From Office or you are a freelancer working to make your work place the best it can be, we have put together the top list of devices you should consider. The Blog Post will be a weekly rolling update, keep it book […]

28 Bad Habits when Working From Home to Avoid

28 Bad working from Home Habits to avoid

We thought we go out in the virtual working world and ask folks this weeks question: what are your worst Working from Home Habits? Poll Question want to get added to the list, add your bad habit in the comments below. The list has just started Social Bad Habits Engage with Co Workers only when […]

Is Your firm Ready? Onboarding employees in the WFH world

Onboarding employees for WFH employeesac

The Traditional old school onboarding of employees The process of onboarding a new employee is as old as the ark, whether it is an apprenticeship, graduate job, mature hire, consultant or Saturday job every new hire goes through some form of an onboarding process. For some companies that process will be smooth and short and […]

WANTED global WFH Jobs: Should you work outside your Time Zone?

WFH outside of your TimeZoneac

The International Working from Home (WFH) job Market Good or Bad? Living the dream, back in the late 1990’s I was working for a US investment bank where there was one guy in a pub accessing some bank UNIX system using some kind of Psion – guessing here, a brick-like device with a small screen. […]

The WFH Petition Parliament Roundup

The WFH Petition Parliament Roundup 33

The Uk Government allows its citizens to petition government on any topic they would like parliament to debate. If the petition hits over 100,000 votes the UK parliament is legally bound to debate it in parliament. We track the latest current Working From Home related petitions currently on the governments petition web site. Legislate that […]

Ergonomics of your Home Office – are we risking our health

Home Office Ergonomics is your health at risk?

All workers have the right to work in places where the risk to their health and safety are appropriately controlled. This includes things such as the ergonomics of the working environment to the employee. Health & Safety legislation is now so well embedded in the United Kingdom the phrase health & Safety gone mad has […]

How to prepare for Working from Home for the 1st Time

6 things to do before working from home

I have decades of experience of working from home, either full time out of the office or split between face to face and working form home. In this time I have amassed the essential list of things I do before I embark on a working from home assignment. Understand the difference between Working in the […]