6 Habits you need to get rid of for a stress free life

5 common habits that need to stop

We all do things that sometimes is void of explanation, it’s the things we do. These habits become so part of our being that it is often difficult to realise these habits are quite toxic to your well being. 1. Leave the Past in the Past and stop dwelling on Past Failures There is an old […]

The Benefits of Reading books for Busy People

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash The mental health benefits of reading books Reading is one of life’s long pleasures, some folks get into the habit during their early education years, some folks find the passion for a good read in later life, and others have yet to pick up a book to read for pleasure or relaxation. […]

14 Top reasons you Should STOP Multitasking Right Now

stop multitasking now

We all multi task in some shape or form, watch tv and browse the phone, eat breakfast and read the paper. Walk to school and eat crisps. In fact life would be pretty mundane unless we multi task to some extent. Usually when the task at hand does not require 100% attention multi tasking begins. […]

5 fun things kids can do outside:

5 activities outside

If your bored and your kids are stuck at home, try these 5 things to do outside
they are super fun and educational and these are not the only activities what we have.