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When is the best time to study, Day or Night?

Tips| there is not the right answer for this but there are recommended times to study some people prefer morning because ur mind is focus others do it in the night also I have included tips to get ur mind woking and remembering facts!


1. go camping: camping is a great trip for a family it’s fun and not expensive and it’s great in the summer. 2. Do a family bike ride: Bike rides are so fun and a great exercise for everyone.  I love it when the wind just blows in my face it’s a great trip. 3. Explore a cave: there …

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Who invented puff pastry?

 What is puff pastry? We use puff pastry in tarts, pies and other tasty goodies, but to make it isn’t so easy….. The basic ingredients: The 2 main ingredients are flour and butter but at the start, you need water and a pinch of salt. To make the dough, you add the flour and salt …

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