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Tips on using a Piping Bag

Tips on how to use a piping bag and nozzles

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These are some tips on how to use a piping bag:

well if you will use a piping bag, we need icing…….


Okay so in piping bags, you will need a nozzle (only if you are making a design) some you can strew on others you will need to cut a small hole in the narrow end then put your nozzle in. Then you would have to put the icing in, don’t worry I have a trick!

Basically, you get your empty piping bag with the nozzle in or out and put it in a cup, ideally a tall one or just a normal one. Then you fold over the sides so the top of the piping bag is outside the cup. Then scoop up the icing and scrape inside the bag. And you are ready to decorate


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