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When is the best time to study, Day or Night?

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Is there a good time to study?

yes, the best time to study is when your mind is productive and focused for some, it could be in the morning when they have the most energy and some prefer in the evening. However, it also depends on your timetable and what you do on a daily basis…

  1. one optional time is after dinner when your brain is feed and you are already sitting at the table.
  2. Breakfast maybe after or before all depends on how much free time you have but I would not recommend doing you homework at the same time as eating because you never know there could be a spill and that would definitely not end well.
  3. also how LONG you study is important, the last thing you want to do is Overstudy that’s why it’s better to study for about an hour then have a break just like an exam time rather than 3 hours and have no break.
  4. Linking to number 3 after 1 hour of study scientist say that exercise  and having good sleep really benefit you not only for a healthy body but it helps you remember the facts you’ve been learning
  5. Scientists also proved that re-reading ur study will not help you remember those facts into ur long term memory in fact getting tested and saying what you learned makes your brain remember and it will become ur knowledge once u still to the routine of testing.

Will food help you remember?

Yes, it can, having banana or blueberries are a superfood for your brain also different seeds can. Here is a list of good food that is good for study:

  • nuts
  • Dark chocolate (apparently something in dark chocolate help you to study)
  • spinach
  • fish
  • vegetables
  • strawberries, raspberries, blueberries all berries are good.
  • apples, mainly fruit

what type of music to use while studying?

Classical is one of the best for study, its calming and relaxing. When you study it could be boring when there’s just silence that’s why music can focus your mind. You can also go on youtube and search up study music there is a ton of different music pieces that you can choose from.

Just try different time of study for a week to see what works better and you never know you might have various times slots which would be easier if your busy and might not do the specific time slot but if you have others then it would be much of a ploblem.Using these these and some other of my articles which might help you.

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