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CanonInk Glossy Photo Paper 8.5″ x 11″ 100 Sheets (1433C004),Value not found Copy and Printing Paper international The Canon glossy photo paper (gp-701 series) it’s a great photo paper for your everyday projects. It allows you to make high quality prints with your inkjet printer. Compatibility: PIXMA MX420 Wireless, PIXMA TS3120 Black Wireless,MAXIFY MB2320,PIXMA MX410 Wireless,PIXMA iP110,PIXMA TS3120 White Wireless, MAXIFY MB5020, PIXMA MX420 Refurbished,PIXMA MP270, PIXMA iX6520 Refurbished,PIXMA MX420 with PP-201,MAXIFY MB2720,MAXIFY MB2120,PIXMA iP8720,PIXMA iX6820, MAXIFY MB5320,MAXIFY MB2020,PIXMA MX410 Refurbished,PIXMA TS3320 Black,MAXIFY MB5120,PIXMA TS3320 White,MAXIFY MB5420,PIXMA TS3320 Red,MAXIFY iB4120,PIXMA Pro9000, PIXMA iP2702,PIXMA iP2600,PIXMA MX350 Wireless,PIXMA iP100,PIXMA iP6600D,Refurbished – PIXMA iP8720 Wireless Printer,Refurbished – PIXMA iP100 Printer,PIXMA iX6520,MAXIFY iB4020,PIXMA Pro9000 Mark II Refurbished,PIXMA MX410 with PP-201

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