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Canon Photo Paper Pro Platinum, 4 x 6 Inches, 50 Sheets (2768B014) Copy and Printing Paper international The Ultimate in Photo Paper Quality Product Description

The Ultimate in Photo Paper Quality

From the Manufacturer

Everything photo paper can possibly have for the artwork of professional and advanced amateur photographers Canon’s new flagship glossy photo paper surpasses Photo Paper Pro [PR-101]. Similar to Photo Paper Plus Glossy II (PP-201), a six layer paper structure is used to promote color reproduction “Alumina” which proved quicker ink absorbency on Photo Paper Pro [PR -101] is adopted in the ink-receiving layers.
Advancing the texture and quality of Canon’s new glossy photo paper
“Make the best photo paper in all aspects.” This was our commitment when we were developing Photo Paper Pro [PR-101], which was Canon’s previous flagship photo paper.
To further progress, we follow this commitment and have developed Canon’s new flagship glossy photo paper. Ink-receiving layers are functionally separated into a color-reproduction layer and an absorbing layer, and a chromogenic enhancer which amplifies light is added into the resin-coat layer.
A neutral white which has a high degree of whiteness is adopted for the color of the paper.
The demanding photo quality needs of professional and advanced amateur photographer is realized when used with Canon’s 2008 new dye-based inks [CLI-221]. The color reproduction in red areas is expanded, rich and deep blacks are achieved and the higher image durability is achieved. The best glossy photo paper which turns printouts to artwork. That is Photo Paper Pro Platinum [PT-101].

For professional and advanced amateur photographers Photo Paper Pro Platinum [PT- 101] exceeds Photo Paper Pro [PR-101] by using original material technology

Neutral bright white for maximum appeal to professional advanced amateur photographers

A new standard for white has been introduced
There are various “whites” for a white paper such as bluish white, yellowish white, dark white and bright white.
The “white” Canon chose for professional’s and advanced amateur’s artwork from these various “whites” is the “white” which combines “crispy white” and “neutral white”.
“Crispy white” contributes to enhance the gamut volume. This provides more vivid color reproduction. And this vividness won’t be unnatural thanks to the “neutral white”. It will produce a natural color which dye itself produces.
There are scenes where the whiteness of Photo Paper Pro Platinum [PT-101] will be utilized such as the gradation of a morning glow in which colors blend intricately, the transparency of a glass and the texture of metals. But it is on the human skin which is the most common but the most difficult to express that it will show the most obvious whiteness.
Ink absorption is speedy and dyes are fixed to a top layer in the paper. That is why images can be expressed beautifully and smoothly

Because of the Alumina, quick ink absorbency is achieved
The shape of alumina pigment which is the pro_main material in the ink-receiving layers of Photo Paper Pro Platinum [PT- 101] is “plate-like”. On the other hand, silica pigment which is often used for affordable photo paper is a “spherical shape”. Both alumina and silica use binders which play a gluing role to join pigments but a “plate-like” alumina uses less binders, so it can absorb inks quicker than the silica ink-receiving layers. Because the layer is separated into two layers, quick solid-liquid separation is achieved
The ink-receiving layers of Photo Paper Pro Platinum [PT- 101] are separated into two layers and the amount of binder in each layer is optimized. It gives specific functions for each layer, the top layer is for color reproduction and the bottom layer is for absorption. This is how solid-liquid separation of color material elements and solvent elements can be processed quickly.
More vivid color and higher resolution compared to Photo Paper Pro [PR-101], which has a single ink-receiving layer, is achieved. Since Alumina is adopted and the ink-receiving layers are separated into two layers, Photo Paper Pro Platinum [PT-101] is able to produce prints with richer gradation, smoother expression, more vivid color and higher resolution.
The dye is fixed to the surface of the paper, resulting in deeper blacks and a clearer overall photographic finish

Deeper blacks in combination with new black dye ink
There are various blacks for the “black” in photographs such as bluish black, yellowish black, reddish black and greenish black.
A deep, rich black is a “black” that looks truly black to the eye. Rich, deep blacks are not only important for reproducing deep-black areas of photos, they also contribute to the overall density, contrast and vividness of the photo. If the black is light, it weakens the photo’s impact, and makes the photo plain.
Photo Paper Pro Platinum [PT-101] is developed to produce a deep, rich black by fixing the dye close to the surface of the paper. Canon has also been trying to make the black ink neutral, and achieved the creation of the deeper “black” in combination with Photo Paper Pro Platinum [PT-101] and 2008 new dye-based black ink [CLI-221]. Photos are beautifully reproduced because the dye is fixed close to the surface of the paper
The ink-receiving layer on the surface of the paper accepts the dyes in the ink and produces the color. If this layer is too thick, the dyes will spread into the bottom making it difficult to gain enough density. However by making the ink-receiving layer simply thinner, it causes the water in the ink to overflow to the paper’s surface. Quick solid-liquid separation fixes the dye to the surface of the paper Photo Paper Pro Platinum [PT-101] solves this dilemma using innovative inkjet coating technology. Using this technology, the ink-receiving layer is split into two layers, a color-reproduction layer on which the dye is fixed and an absorbing layer that soaks up the excess water solvent.
This layered structure enables the dye to be fixed closer to the surface of the paper, improving the density of the black ink compared with Photo Paper Pro [PR-101]. This novel technology achieves rich, deep blacks and bright, vivid photographic results. At the same time, the absorbing layer quickly mops up excess water solvent, for crisp, sharp image quality.
Enhancement for color reproduction in red areas and the ability to express expands further

Wider color gamut makes artworks of professionals and advanced amateurs more attractive
The wider the color gamut is, the more colors that can be reproduced. The combination of Photo Paper Pro Platinum [PT-101] and 2008 new dye-based inks [CLI-221] greatly expands color reproduction especially in red areas (yellow ~ red ~ magenta) compared to the combination of Photo Paper Pro [PR-101] and the previous dye ink [CLI-8]. It brings out PIXMA’s full ability to produce photos and achieves the reproduction of richer and more vivid colors.
Color reproduction is stabilized faster than ever before, so you can appreciate the beauty of your photos right away

Optical density immediately after printing is greater than ever, so you see the real colors of your photos, right away
With ordinary inkjet paper, the colors emerge gradually so you cannot quickly see the final results of the photo including color and contrast. Photo Paper Pro Platinum [PT-101] is a completely different experience. The optical density (color density) is high immediately after printing, and color reproduction happens fast. In less time than ever, a reproduction of the colors of the original photo is complete. Images are bright and vivid as soon as the print job is finished.
Improved durability (light fastness/gas fastness) by adding the new durability enhancer in ink-receiving layers
Canon focused on both paper and ink, and worked on things paper can do and things ink can do to improve image durability of photo prints. Based on the discoloration mechanisms (presumption) of the color material, the discoloration of color material have been successfully minimized by adding the new durability enhancer in the ink-receiving layers. Mechanisms for photo image deterioration (Presumption)
The Mechanisms for photo image deterioration (Presumption) caused by gas and light. Canon presumed the mechanisms of discoloration of printouts is pro_mainly caused by these three deteriorative reactions listed below. The reaction of incoming gas deteriorates the color material The deteriorative chain reaction starts because of the material generated in the process above The chain reaction of light through oxygen deteriorates the color material The approach to Photo Paper Pro Platinum [PT-101]
Canon discovered the “new additives” to minimize the discoloration of the color material from the discoloration mechanisms of printouts and successfully introduced it to Photo Paper Pro Platinum [PT-101].

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