81i TVwA4fL. AC SY450

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Selection of 120 premium coloured vibrant pencils

The rich, velvety leads are highly pigmented and lay down lots of vivid colour with minimal effort, making these popular pencils an absolute must.

create beautiful blended effects such as gradients or to achieve the perfect shade. The creamy consistency of our coloured cores is such that you can achieve both with very little effort, making them easy to work with and creating results you will be proud and excited to share.

Convenient – Light and portable designed zipper nylon case for instant recognition and easy organisation. Enjoy how easy it is to flip between layers to select the perfect shade whilst keeping your coloured pencils safe and secure! The convenient colouring travel companion for ?art on the go??anytime, anywhere!

guard against frustrating breakages with our top-quality, centred cores encased in strong reliable wood (premium Basswood), perfectly finished to ensure a comfortable colouring experience and ease of sharpening.
With a silky-smooth ?soft touch? coating, you won?t tire of working with these pencils, meaning more time to enjoy colouring and creating with them.

The package includes:
120 colored pencil
1 double headed pencil extension
1 coloring books for adults
1 Pencil case

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