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Selective memory

Strategies that work: Working with Selective Memory

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Struggling to remember information, this is what to do

Have you ever struggled to remember information for a test you have been studying for the last year, cannot seem to recall what you just read yesterday, or when asked to give a 30 second intro of your project, off the cuff, and you only manage to retell the words written on your sweet wrapper 30 seconds ago. Well you are not alone. There are many many reasons why your memory recall works the way it does, from your natural cognitive function, to anxiety and even to the food and drink you consume. If you keep tuned to this blog over the months we will push out posts to cover all of the external factors, but today lets get to grip with some basic mechanics of how we can work better at being selective on what we need to remember.  

Why you should not based your whole revision strategy on reading notes

Many folks work on the idea that to study is to read, in fact what was first, the library or the student of learning. Do not get me wrong, reading is one of the greatest gifts we as humans enjoy. in the prism of study and specifically to the question raised in this blog post, its not the full answer and can actually hinder you in achieving your learning zone Nirvana, let me explain why. Time is a finite commodity, if you have time on your hands, in other words you are retired, then sure I suggest reading 20-30 books on your area of learning, it will eventually present a well rounded view of the topic from the eyes of 20-30 authors. Your reading may take you places beyond the lecture, topic or project, in areas of outward thinking that gets you to start thinking, you could be author number 31. The problem is your being taught a specific set of learning against a specific pre-set programme of material against a pre-written test paper. You have to be smart, you need to learn what you need to learn and at this stage in your race to achieve, no more and no less, until that is you strolling comfortably to deliver what is asked of you, until that point keep to the script.

So here are 5 more beneficial way to learn faster and smarter

1. flashcards: the go to revision technique

Flashcards are super easy to do, and scientists say that visual things can help you a lot this is for anyone, sometimes it works for some people and others not but that’s ok. Not only is it way better than re-reading it’s also easy to make and when your bored it’s a fun decorative activity for you to do. The fewer words on the flashcard to more effective it is. eg: only write the keywords which are normally described in a short sentence.

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2. The benefits of continuous self testing, repeat, repeat, repeat

this is the best thing to do its soo effective and helps you, I guarantee you that you will remember your notes for your test coming or for just key knowledge that you want to learn. Also, flashcards could help you with this because your friend/parent can hold the flashcards and they say the question then you answer. Plus it’s great if you’re going to travel.

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3. The importance of sleep: don’t study too late and keep an eye on the time

this happens to many people that they study the night before the exam, that’s why having a timetable and a routine is key also. I recommend studying way before an exam but it depends. If the test is like a small one and not as important as an end of year test then I recommend studying like 2-3 weeks before. But if it was important, when I mean important I mean when there are loads of topics and hard questions, then I would study like a month, and end of years tests I would study all year round but when it gets closer to the exam then you study more.

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4. An open space is an open mind

you don’t want to be all crowded in your room with all your books and stuff so I reckon to study in various places like your dining room, just a place where there is a big table so then you can space out a little more. Also if your studying for a big exam, you probably studying all the time but exercise, sleep, and reaching out it very important. So I recommend doing sports like swimming to relieve stress and benefit your body. And sleep, sleep is so good for tests and for your well being, sleeping is so key to your general well being and body clock, read out exciting post on Sleep

5. Read and read again, the perfect revision end

yes, of course, you can but it won’t help you remember key knowledge, but with some people it does work but these tips are commonly known for being more effective. people like to re-read books for enjoyment because it was a good book and that is fine. You know for some you could learn from re-reading like a poem, for example, I don’t think there’s any other way to learn a poem without re-reading. And for poems, it’s super effective but after a while like in a few weeks you forget it. But if you kept on testing yourself and making flashcards you could probably remember it for the rest of the year as long as you keep on practicing.

You can still re-read stuff it might work for you to remember, these are just other ways to help you learn key knowledge quicker. I hope this helps!

Strategies that work: Working with Selective Memory 12

Flashcards, one of the most effective ways to remember information, cut to the chase and remember those facts

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