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Set yourself RULES

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2. Set rules for yourself

We all grow up in a frame work of rules, some folks are happy to abide by rules, some are rule breakers and some are rule benders. Rules of the school, the rule of law we al understand the concept of rules.

Have you ever thought about creating your own rules? When was the last time you heard anyone make a New Years resolution with a list of new rules?

Here is the cool thing about rules, unlike goals which may or may not be achievable, a rule is simply something you need to abide by.

For example

Rule number 1
I will turn off my phone one hour before bed

You can enforce this rule even by setting up screen time parameters which will switch of your device at a preset time each night. Simple. If you are a rule bender or rule breaker why not get some other trusted soul to be the administrator of screen time.

There is a psychological difference of trying to achieve a goal to following a rule.we have inbuilt mechanisms to cope when we do not achieve a goal but not rules.

Rules mandate action, it implies consequence.

When too many rules can be harming your life

Like all things in life a balance is needed, if the rules you follow become too restrictive that it starts to effect your ability to motor through your day smoothly.

Rules for wellbeing and administration should not interfere with your ability to enjoy a happy life, but watch out for signs that you are following rules that are. Out scope of this post, but it is areas of rigid thinking and a very strong believe system that dictate things like hygiene and food that leaves others to question the logic. I would love to hear in the comments of your experiences where rules have gone too far in your world in the comments below.

Building your first set of rules

Let’s start with the basics, perhaps even ask others around you for their input too, list down in your notebook the top 5 things that you do that really you should do less of or differently. If you are lucky enough to own a gadget, either a mobile phone or tablet the one thing that springs to mind is screen time. Rules to limit the use of these gadgets if implemented is a very effective way of gaining back some control.

If there are no other rules you put in to your schedule other than screen time control then you have achieved more than most of the folks out there, a pat on the back.

Suggested rules for Screen Time

1 Hour before bed time turn the device off

During Home Work tIme if you have a scheduled home work time is also a good idea but be mindful that if this gadget is also your access to Google, Bing etc, it is also your dictionary a research tool to the world.

Limit screen time to Games.

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