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How to Establish a Daily Routine

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It is no secret that life is one big routine with moments of chaos and indecision thrown in. We work best when we know what we have to do, when to do it and when to finish it buy.

In fact this concept is so key to productivity in the working world, there are people employed with the sole responsibility of making sure the tasks are known, distributed and completed ‘on time’.

We all have evolved our daily outlines, when we have to approximately wake up, when to have breakfast, lunch and dinner, when to brush our teeth and when we go to bed.

Some pen their routines to the clock others take more of a bohemian approach, living on island time irrespective of where they are in the world.

Repetition is your friend, muscle memory kicks in and you go into auto pilot mode. The Henry Ford approach to life, hand me the wheel and I will attach the wheel, how many wheels did you attach today, ‘plenty’ what are you doing tomorrow, ‘attaching wheels’

Daily Routine is the blue print of your day and it is never more important than to your study success.

A sequence of actions regularly followed

This means be consistent with your Routines. Keep to a schedule and do not procrastinate. But lets just focus on how to build yourself the perfect routine in the first instance, the mechanics of delivery will be the next thought of importance. posts.

First things first, Building your Routine

Get a pen and paper, comfy chair and lets start to build your Routine list. Line paper and title at the top My Daily Routines

Do not even write numbers next to each routine, as that would signify some indicator of importance when you look back at the list. Each item is of equal importance.

Start from the point of waking up through to the point of going to sleep. Everything that has some element of repetition to it add onto the list.

Next step think back to yesterday to tasks you did that where perhaps a one of or a rare thing to have done, but categorise it, adding the category to the list. So if you went to the dentist you would simply write ‘appointments’.

Here is the fun part, this list is organic, carry your note book with you for several weeks adding notes to your routine list until you have something that represents your life on paper.

Do you need help identifying your daily routines?

We have you covered, ask yourself questions, quiz your inner self.
1. What do you do when you wake up each morning
2. Do you use an alarm clock to wake up
3. Do you exercise each day
4. What errands do you run each day
5. Do you have responsibilities for others that involves set tasks, what are they
6. The list goes on and on

Sign off your list with the date and write, this is a true and fair reflection of my daily, weekly, monthly tasks. Look at your list and you will think, wow not so much of a couch sitter as I once thought ‘or was told I was’

Now the fun part.

You are no longer in adding and thinking mode, you are in sorting mode.

Sort the task list into 3 buckets, daily, weekly, monthly. The primary focus in these early days is to get your daily routine in ship shape.

Daily Routine planning
List the tasks in order and mark next to those tasks if they are fixed in time or just have to get done by the day’s end. Triggers for tasks

For example

Trigger – I wake up
When – Set the alarm clock for ** on week days and ** on weekends
What to do –
– Stretch & Yoga
– Shower / bath
– Have breakfast
– Wash teeth
Finish by

Tips on what your Daily Routine Should Include

Wake up Routine

The most important time of the day, is the start of a new day. Not everyone wakes up with a mountain view and fishing rods outside, but where you are is secondary. The morning start up is your own and you must make it your own and embrace it, because this is one part of your life you can take control off.

Alarm Clocks, Light Clocks, body clocks

How you wake up is equally important. When I was a student I used to go in such deep sleep it was the closest thing to being in a place far far away. So deep was that sleep that the wake up process was a painful one. So I am with you in spirit on this one. But wake up and embrace the new day ‘you must’.

The body is built to wake up naturally with the rise of the sun. The light of the sun as it breaks the horizon in its deep orange temperature glow of 2000K (Kelvin), moving to 3,500K and onto the blues of the midday at 5,500. Without any gadgets you may find that your body clock wakes you approximate similar times each day.

Appraise your morning

Is it a rush to go from bed to getting dressed, breakfast, packing your bag and leaving the house.

Time for a new page in your note book.

Title this Morning wake Up.

For the next 7 days, make a note of your mood, when you wake up and the time you have for each of the activities that you list in your routine sheet.

Is there enough minutes since waking up to do everything you need to do before leaving the house, how many times do you get to where you are going only to remember you left something behind.

The Midday Burn

The energy peak of the morning is dropping down, the reason lunch was placed during this time is of no coincident. Eat well, take a break, detach, take a walk, read a book, recharge.

The Evening Routine

Most of society do not have control of the tasks they have to do during the day, whether that is work, school or even home. The evening space is yours to plan out how you will complete your evening routines around fixed objects like bed time and dinner time.

It is equally important to realise that the evening routine must deliver one important deliverable. Tomorrow’s deadline.

There is a trick to this, those in large companies who have job roles without inherent micro management. These folks work and deliver only to what is required and more importantly to what they are being appraised or payed to do.

Take a minute to digest that thought. The nice to have’s, your good ideas are being shelved for your friends. This mindset is all about delivery focus. No questions asked.


All things of value take time, there is no quick wins here. The reality is many will give up on the routine simply because the administration of maintaining the system

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