Ankipo USB Desk Fan Rechargeable Portable Oscillating Table

“?120?Auto Oscillating & Hanging Function? USB desktop fan can be adjusted 90? vertical and support 120? horizontal oscillating, make you stay in cool at mostly angle. It also design with a hidden hook which can be put or steadily hang on anywhere. It?s a perfect desktop fan for home and office.,?Foldable Table Fan & Easy to Clean? USB table fan is able to adjust from 0 to 90 degree to direct the airflow to where you want. The foldable desk fan can help you saving the space when you do not use it for a long time. The front cover of desk fan is removable and easily to clean the fan blades.,?Long Working Time & Ultra Quiet? USB Desk fan built-in 4000mAh rechargeable battery, which can constantly work 4-16 hours (depends on different speed mode), which make you feel cool all day. It?s very quiet when you choose speed 1 or 2, won?t disturb your sleeping or working.,?Safety Child Lock & Air Circulator Function? Please press and hold the two buttons for 2 seconds to unfasten the children lock in first time use. Then Lock it back if do not use the fan in a long time. The air cooling fan can work as a mini air circulator when it?s running on speed 4 modes, the strong wind speed to make you stay in an air circulating place. If you have any questions or need any supports, please contact our customer service to get help.”

Bagotte Air Purifiers for Home 25dB Quiet Air Cleaner with

“3-in-1 Multi-effect Purification: Pre-filter, HEPA filter, and activated carbon filter are combined into one, which is not only easy to disassemble, but also more effective and intensive in filtering nano-level pollutants. You can use the air purifier to help: remove odor, smoke, cooking smells; catch pet dander, dust, pollen, etc. It is very friendly to people who have allergies or have pets at home.,Low Power Consumption: The operating power is only 28W, which means that it consumes only 0.028Kwh per hour. You can set the machine to 3 speeds (low, medium, or high) according to the air environment and meet different purification needs.,Super Silent: The noise level is only 25dB. It’s low enough to place this air cleaner next to your bed without disturbing your sleep at all. In sleep mode, the button light will automatically dim, creating a peaceful sleep environment for you.,What You Get: Air purifier, a set of 3-in-1 filters, a manual. The service life of the filter is 6-8 months, and the machine will prompt to replace the filter when it needs to be replaced. You can search for “B08SWDT63Q” on Amazon for a genuine replacement filter.”

Evaporative Air Cooler Melophy Air Conditioner Fan with Tim

“?? Safety design without fan blades:?? The motor and fan blades are built into the machine, no matter how you touch the outside, the fan cannot be touched. The safety factor is higher, especially for families with children and pets. Ideal for improving the quality of life and the ideal gift for you, your family and friends.,??3 speed wind speed air cooler:?? You can set three wind speeds (high, medium and low). You can choose the free time, sleep time or work time that suits you best. It?s easy to use this personal air cooler.,??Double air filtration:?? It is composed of an external layer of filter and an internal CeLdek water curtain, which can filter out 99.5% of dust in the air, and clear the air while cooling down. The filter can be removed and cleaned to effectively block dust and microorganisms in the air. , Make the air fresher, cleaner and healthier.,?? Low Noise:?? The portable space air conditioner uses a high-power silent motor (110W) and a 16.4cm diameter turbo fan, so the speed is higher, the wind is more powerful, and the noise is as low as 40DB, which can help you work, sleep or study without distracting.,?? Two Control Modes: ?? Our Air Cooler has two control modes: touch screen control and remote control, which you can control according to your preference. 3.5L water tank can last 8-16 hours, no need to get up to add water to the air cooler in the middle of the night.”

HIMOX Air Purifier for Home Office or Bedroom Quiet Air Pu

“360? DEEP PURIFICATION – Efficient air intake and discharge maximize fresh and healthy air provided to all directions, improving the air circulation in your room.It?s recommended to replace your filter every 6-8 months depending on use and air quality.,EASY TO OPERATE: Air cleaner with One-touch switch, plug the air purifier into a suitable socket and press the ON/OFF button, check the indicator lights up. One HEPA Filter come with a micro usb cable, charger not included.,Low Voltage And Silence: Input 5V can work, low noise up to 20dB, the air purifier can work for 10 hours with a 10,000mAh mobile phone power.,PORTABLE AND COMPACT AIR FILTER : Size: 12.5*12.5*18CM, Weight: 860 grams. It can cover area of about 10 square meter. Suitable for small areas and rooms such as studio, bedroom, office desktop, kitchen, pet room.”

Levoit Air Purifiers for Home with H13 True HEPA Filter Air

“?100% OZONE FREE?Levoit air purifiers never use the UV-C Light and Anion, which could produce air pollutant-Ozone. 100% ozone free for your health. Display-Lock and Check filter indicator for your convenience,?FILTER 99.97% OF PARTICLES?Working with ultra-fine Prefilter and activated carbon filter, Our H13 HEPA filter traps 99.97% allergens like dust, pollen, mould spores, pet hair, and reduces unwanted odors from pets, smoke, cooking fumes,?GENUINE REPLACEMENT FILTERS?Replace your filter every 6-8 months and use genuine Levoit replacement filters to maintain the best performance. Please search for B07S8NM4Q9 or Core 300-RF for replacement filters. Don’t forget to remove your new filter’s plastic bag before using and correctly reset your new filter. So your air purifier maintain the best performance,?PATENTED QuietKEAP TECHNOLOGY?Thanks to QuietKEAP technology, the noise level is barely 24dB in Sleep Mode. The Core 300 cleans your air without disturbing you at night. Display light can be turned off to enjoy a perfect sleep without annoying light,?TIMER & 4 FAN SETTINGS?The timer can be set at 2/4/6/8 hours. You can select a desired time for auto shut-off. Choosing a suitable speed from low, medium, high and sleep mode, makes Core 300 an ideal air purifier for home, bedroom, office,?Vortexair PURIFY TECHNOLOGY?CADR rating 187m?/h allows it to cover up to 40 m?, Using the Core 300 to fill your environment with clean air. Notes: AC 220-240V/50HZ with UK 3-Pin Plug. It’s NOT a wireless product and CAN’T be connected via USB”

Levoit Air Purifiers for Home with H13 True HEPA Filters 46

“Compact & Portable: The air purifier’s compact size ensures it never gets in the way, and the built-in handle makes it easy to carry from room to room,Display Off & Timer: Turn off the air purifier’s LED display to create a darker sleeping environment, and set automatic timers to run your purifier for 2, 4, or 8 hours. The air purifier operates with noise levels as low as 23dB, ensuring it never gets in the way of your sleep schedule,Note: Each Levoit air purifier enjoys 2 years product warranty. We highly recommend that the filters should be replaced every 6?8 months, please search for “Vital 100-RF” or “B088LWCJQC” to get Levoit genuine replacement filter,Rapid Purification: With a CADR of 221 m?/h, which means that in a room of 28?, it only takes 30 minutes to purify the air once. the air purifier is perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, offices, nurseries and kitchens”

MYONAZ Mini Ceramic Space Heater 500W Personal Heater with L

“150 Degree Auto-Rotated (Heat / Natural) Wind All Season Breeze: This Space heater is of a sleek design and considerate 2 temp settings: High Heat, Natural Wind to fulfill your all year round need .Noise Less than 45DB, The volume of 45db is like people whispering. Perfect for working, reading and sleeping quietly.,Circle Wide LED Design, 4 Brightness Mode with Flexible Neck: High, Mid, Low and Night mode, Re-create natural reading conditions adapt to different environment, the flexible neck allow you to light where you want it.,Colour Name:WhiteThe World?s First Patent-Pending 4 in 1 LED Light with Personal Space Heater Fan, Heat / Natural Wind, 3 Brightness Led Mode, oscillating design. People normally have heater, Cool Fan, desk lamp and reading light, charging station separately, and it wastes a lot of space from your desk, room, and even storage space when the season change. Here?s the solution for all, It is lightweight, space-saving, 4 in 1 function to resolve the issue. With the cold weather coming, it is not always easy to make you feel warm and cosy immediately while you are in the office or in the room! Smart Phone / Tablet able to put on the top of the panel with anti slip design allow you to watch videos or news in front of the wide angle Heat or Natural Wind. With the LED Reading Light could protect your eye from watching the light from the device alone. The Led Light and the panel part is built separately from the heater part, therefore the Led Light and the Smart Device won?t become shaky while the heater oscillating. Product Feature -3 seconds Heat up -No need to consume Oxygen -No Fire -Safe and High efficiency -Overheat Protection & Voltage Protection -Circle Wide LED Design Product Functions 1. Natural Wind Mode 2. Four Brightness Mode-High, Mid, Low, Night Mode 3. 150 Degree Auto-Rotated with one Press – Warm air or natural wind in a wide angle Myonaz Pro Omni-Thermal is Patent Pending Product and we reserve the right for this innovation.,Omni-Thermal Tech fully utilize the ceramic radiator to circulate the heat as it rotates from side to side. It can heat up rapidly in 3 seconds. No need to consume oxygen, no Fire, Safe and High efficiency with Overheat Protection & Voltage Protection,Smart Phone / Tablet able to put on the top of the panel with anti slip design allow you to watch videos or news in front of the wide angle Heat or Natural Wind. With the LED Reading Light could protect your eye from watching the light from the device alone. The Led Light and the panel part is built separately from the heater part, therefore the Led Light and the Smart Device won?t become shaky while the heater oscillating.”

NETTA Dehumidifier 20LDay – Digital Control Panel Continuo

“DIGITAL CONTROL: The digital control screen with adjustable humidity control allows you to adjust the desired humidity extraction between 40-85%.,DIMENSIONS: 34 x 24 x 59cm , WEIGHT: 15KG.,LARGE CAPACITY: This product can remove up to 20L of water a day and has a water tank of 5.5L. When maximum capacity is reached, the tank will automatically switch off and the indicator light will flash.,Noisy Level = 53DB,VARIOUS MODES: This dehumidifier comes with 4 fan speed modes, automatic restart, 24h timer and auto defrost. It also includes continuous dehumidification and a continuous drain-overflow pipe.”

Olsen & Smith Stylish Modern 1800W 18kW Compact Efficient E

“2 HEATING LEVELS & FAN ONLY/COOLING MODE ? The heater features 2 different heat settings to control the level of heating and power use. By using a smaller heater, you can reduce your energy bills to only heat individual rooms rather than expensively heating your entire home or office. It also features a fan-only mode to move air and produce a cooling effect – making it perfect as a tabletop or bedside fan! Coloured LED indicators on the unit to show which setting is active.,BUILT IN SAFETY FEATURES – Built in overheat protection and an enhanced anti-tip over switch ensures the indoor mini heater instantly switches off in any unsafe situation, giving you complete peace of mind. For indoor use only. Dimensions: (L)20.3 x (W)20.3 x (H)53 cm. Weight: 2.3kg.,CERAMIC HEATING TECHNOLOGY – The heater features advanced ceramic heating elements which provide faster and more energy efficient heating than regular oil filled radiators. It utilises up to 1.8 kW of heating power to provide rapid heating within minutes – perfect for keeping you warm in the colder months.,VERTICAL & HORIZONTAL OSCILLATION ? The heater features a wide oscillation angle, with Left & Right oscillation of 80?, and Up & Down tilt of 30?. It also features a remote control, touch controls on the unit, and the option to set a timer of 2h, 4h or 8h.”

Personal Air Cooler Infray Portable Oscillating Air Conditi

“?3 Speed Modes & Direction Adjustable? Mini air conditioner designed with 3 speeds setting( high, medium, low), you can choose a comfortable modes to enjoy the cooling wind. Manual up-down to adjust blowing direction in 90 degrees, you can control the wind direction as you like and create your own personal cooling zone.,?90?Auto Oscillation & Smart Lighting Design? Air conditioner unit supports 90?auto oscillating, can be enjoyed the cooling wind in more angles. There is a blue soft light when the item working, that can be used as a night light to bring you a good mood and help you fall asleep better. (Warm Tip: Press and hold ?Fogging? button to turn on/off the blue light),?Lightweight & Energy Saving? The power consumption of portable air conditioner is only 16-18W/hour designed for personal use, the product use about 0.38-0.43KW of electricity after runs continuously for 24 hours. The item used physical cooling technology, safe and healthy to use for everyone, perfect for your home, bedroom, office, etc.,?Timer Function & 320ML Water Tank?Portable air cooler supports 2H, 4H and 6H timer setting, you can set a timer before sleeping to save energy. The 10.83oz (320ml) water tank can ensure that the product continues to run for 4-6 hours, don?t worry that the air conditioner fan will stop working since out of water.”

Portable Air Cooler Conditioner Table Conditioner 3 in 1 Co

“?2/4h timer shutdown function?: Just press time to select 2 or 4 hours timer shutdown. This 2/4H timer can be turned off regularly to avoid subconscious anxiety before you fall asleep. At the same time, it can save energy and contribute to environmental protection.,?Best summer gift & 24 hour online service?: 1x personal air conditioner, 1x power adapter. Guarantee, we have a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your personal air cooler, please feel free to contact us. The small cooler is the best gift for family and friends in summer.,?Low-noise humidifier?: The atomization function is added on the basis of the air-conditioning fan, which is beneficial to alleviate the dry air. You can add some essential oils and fragrances to make the air fresh and pleasant; you can also add some mosquito repellent water or herbs to prevent mosquitoes from invading your surroundings. You can also use it as an aromatherapy machine in spring, autumn and winter. Increase Your Comfort.,?Seven night lights?: This product also has seven LED light designs. Different colors can adjust the light temperature at night, and you can adjust the light change according to your preferences to improve your sleep quality.”

Pro Breeze 2000W Mini Ceramic Fan Heater – 2 Heat Settings &

“2 Power Settings & Fan Only Mode: Includes 2000W (high) and 1200W (low) power modes as well as a gentle fan only mode. Reduce your energy bills by using this space heater to heat individual rooms rather than expensively heating your entire home or office.,Adjustable Thermostat: An easy-to-use and fully adjustable thermostat control is built into the mini heater to monitor the surrounding air temperature and ensure optimal heating efficiency.,Advanced Safety Features: Built in overheat protection and an enhanced anti-tip over switch ensures the indoor mini heater instantly switches off in any unsafe situation, giving you complete peace of mind,Lightweight & Portable: The lightweight and compact design allows the small heater to be transported to wherever you needed it most, making it perfect use in homes, garages, caravans and offices. DIMENSIONS: 17.7 x 13.5 x 22.8 cm.”

Pro Breeze 7L Evaporative Air Cooler & 42 Portable Tower Fa

“10 Hour Timer, Energy Saving Night Mode, Remote Control & LED Display: Control the 7 modes from across the room using wireless remote control or easy to use LED display for personalised cooling throughout the night.,3-in-1 Features: Combining 3 turbo fan speeds with the 500m/h evaporative cooling along with the cool mist sensation of a humidifier, this is the perfect adaptable cooler for year-round heat and condenses 3 products in 1 saving you money and space,Automatic Oscillation: Activate wide angle oscillation for greater cooling spread, filling the whole room with cool air or choose jet focused personal streams,Portable: Pre-assembled with 4 wheels, 1.7m cord and slimline design measuring W34.5cmxD27xH105, this evaporative fan cooler can be moved from room to room”

SUPALAK 4-in-1 Evaporative Air Cooler Mobile Air Conditione

“??3 Wind Speeds, 4 Modes & 40? Oscillation?Easy to control with 3-speed settings plus 40? automatic swing to give all the comfort you need ? low, medium, or high speed. Meanwhile, you are able to easily find an appropriate mode-normal, sleep,natural, or cooling – to your taste.,??Bladeless Deign for Safety and Easy Cleaning?:Thanks to the bladeless design, it is much safer to use in the household that have children or pets. Another impressive things is the cooling effect,it delivers a stream of smooth, therapeutic and high-velocity air, for personal cooling. No awkward safety grille or blades to clean.,??Energy Saving & Eco-friendly?Compared with your costly AC, SUPALAK Evaporative Air Cooler has no compressor and doesn’t use chemical refrigerants which is more environmentally friendly and safe for your health. By adding ice or cold water, you can easily enjoy extra coolness in seconds with a low cost.With a removable water tank which is easy to fill and clean.,??Timer & Double air filtration? 8-Hour Timer and remote control amplify your freedom. Just a click to control your fan from 20 feet, making it possible that enjoy a gentle outdoor wind in your own living room ; The outer layer of filter + the inner CeLdek water curtain filter element, it can filter out 99.55% of the dust in the air while cooling down?and the filter can be removed for cleaning.”

USB Fan OCOOPA USB Desk Fan Table Fan with Strong Airflow &

“?Quiet Operation? OCOOPA table fan is not only powerful, but also quiet, you can barely hear it at the low speed, the working sound is lower than 45db at the high speed, which is unnoticeable and will not disturb what you are doing, the mini fan is ideal to sue when studying, reading, working, sleeping, doing yoga, etc.,?Speed Adjustable?The portable fan with 2 adjustable speed is adequate for your various cooling demand, just press the power button to change the speed, it will always keep you cool at the low speed, the high speed is strong enough to cool you down quickly after heavy sweat.,?Sturdy Base? Designer four rubbers on the bottom of the pedestal help reduce vibration and increase friction, which keep the fan firmly in place to ensure airflow is being directed to the desired location and doesn’t slip over when working even at the high speed.,?USB Powered? Comes with the usb cable that compatible with all USB port, such as computer, power bank, wall chargers and any other USB-enabled power supply, you can simply plug it into the power supply for the whole day or night working.”

USB Fan TedGem USB Desk Fan Portable Mini USB Fan Fan USB

“[3 Speed Control] The fan with 3 settings of the air flow speed can be adjusted to your demands. Comfortable first speed with noise less than 20dB, suitable for sleep; Nature second speed designed for use in work and study; Cool strong third speed, usb pc fan help you enjoy outdoor leisure.,[Cools Your Summer] The USB desktop fan (fan usb/usb desk fan/desk fan with usb/desk fan usb/usb fan desktop/desk fan//usb c fan/usb desk fan/usb led fan/mini usb fan/usb fan silent/usb pc fan/usb desktop fan/usb type c fan/usb desk fan silent/fans usb/mini fan usb/fan to usb/desk fan with usb/usb fan desktop/usb table fan) brings you a soft breeze to keep you cool, fan usb is great for office, home, dorm, study, library and only stand little space, which is great for baby’s sound sleep as well.,[Portable and Compact] Desk fan is small (12.5×12.5×5 cm) and exquisite, easily put into a bag inside. Weight (0.18 kg), desk fan usb perfect for outdoor activities and travel, or place it on the desktop.,[USB Powered] Mini fan with USB outlet 1.2m length USB cable, compatible with 5V output USB devices, such as computers, laptops, power bank, portable chargers and other devices with USB output.”