Can fear stop Procrastination?

Procrastination and the Fear Factor

Struggling to get things done? Delaying or putting off those tasks? completing things at the last minute, or getting things done once the deadline has already expired? Join the club, The good news, you are not alone, and it might not all be your fault. Getting things done now as opposed to some time next […]

5 Step plan to organise your locker at school or work

how to organise your locker

Not everyone has a locker but this is for those who do and need help organizing their locker. Lockers are just your own personal space to store stuff so then you don’t have to carry all your things around all day. 5 Step Organising plan in brief Firstly take out all the stuff from your […]

How Sleep Can drag you down and how to FIX IT


Sleep is a fundamental ingredient of life, and it must be treated with respect and care at all times. Get sleep wrong and your day really does start on the wrong foot. When our dog was tiny pup it used to fly around the room at 100 miles per hour, jumped on the sofa, sliding […]

3 Great ways to organise your Pens and Pencils for Good

How to organise your Pencil Case

A periodic declutter of your Pens and Pencils is good for the mind and soul and there is no better way to start to journal or study with organised Pens and pencils. If you are like me and have boxes and draws of old pens and pencils, why not take this time to get organised, […]