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How to organise your desk

Quick Strategies for a Clean and tidy Organised Desk

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How important is it to have an organised desk? Having an Organised desk or an organized workspace is key for a clear mind, and focus for study where distraction has a price tag on your effectiveness to study.

  • if you can, having a desk by a window is very calming a relaxing for study
  • Where to put your pens: a pot is great to use because it’s easy and accessible. However, on a container like a box, you cant see all of then and can lose them ( that will be wasting ur study time )
  • DONT HAVE TOO MANY THINGS ON YOUR DESK! that’s a mistake many people make when u have all these decors when its time to study not only will u be distracted but have no room for book and textbooks.
  • if you have a wall against ur desk you can add some post-stick note with motivational quotes on or just reminders
  • a whiteboard is optional, you can stick reminders, photos, or planning of ur work!

How would you decorate it?

Everyone has their own personal style but here are some fancy points that you could use:

  • adding candles with your favorite scent.
  • maybe a have a plant……or two
  • Desk organizer for your draws
  • adding a mirror
  • or adding some natural light
  • having a theme like beachy vibe colors or a more neutral theme
  • using post stick notes and drawing pictures on them to have a mini gallery
  • having a mini fan ( if your county get hot)

Just remember that there should be space for your textbooks or study pads.

How will I stick to being organized?

having desk organizers is really helpful and there are pockets to put pens or notebooks. Also having a checklist saying is the pens there and did you put the notebook in the right place, just something to remind you to clean up or to put thing in the right place (or use the note pad on your phone, tablet or pc). A great idea that you could do is having a specific day of the week to clean your desk or clean your whole room.

Any other tips for your desk?

yes, with decorating I mentioned having your favorite candle scent for a bit of calming or for a little luxury well you could add some treats like cupcakes bake fresh on a plate, cookies, or a slice of cake!

Here are some of my links so my recipes:

most delicious coconut cupcakes
most delicious coconut cupcakes
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