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Sew or to iron name tags

Nametags: The best way to attach, Sew, Iron or Stick:

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The debate is on, what is best to sew on or stick on your name tag labels for school, and if you all wear the same types of cloths, for work too.

There are only a few options when it comes to name tagging garments and pencil cases and that is to either buy those small Cotten pre printed tags, get out the needle and thread and sew it on, or opt for the pre printed labels that are ironed on / stuck on. Or if you are on a total budget a marker pen.

Sew on Name Tags its all in the stitching

It all depends how proficient you are with the needle and thread, that in itself eliminates over half of the readers of this post. The first step is to order the labels with your pre printed message, usually that would be your name, if brave your phone number, but I would maybe limit that to the point of reference to something that will at least get the lost garnet back to you. I.e. class or year.

Through the post comes the pack with so many labels that you begin to see you have enough labelling for the next 25 years.

Decide on the location of the labels, usually the collar for cloths, inside by the zip for pencil cases. Thread your cotton into your needle and with even straight spaces sew around your name tag. What is not there to like.

Other than competency with a needle and thread, your ability to sew evenly and a colour cotton that mismatches your garment.

Once fixed it will literally for the life of the garment, even the print will outlast the growing cycle of the wearer (hopefully)

Pros of Sewing on Name Tags

  • Once fixed that is usually it

Cons of sewing on Name Tags

  • The skills to fix it
  • The right colour thread
  • The time to sew I.e. not 5 minutes before departing for school

Selection of Sew on Name Tags

Top Tip, read reviews on amazon and eBay when picking your next buy. The trick is to take a balanced view. We hav delved into the e-commerce Vaults on amazon and o pulled out some top picks.Don’t take our word for it, delve in there and start reading the reviews, even better reaching out, especially if you are supporting home grown small businesses. They appreciate the custom and are in my experience more than happy for the contact.

Woven Labels UK

Nametags: The best way to attach, Sew, Iron or Stick: 1Nametags: The best way to attach, Sew, Iron or Stick: 2

Woven Labels UK stuck out, with quite a solid 80% 5 star rating, good consumer feedback and ticks the box of supporting small business. We have no direct knowledge of these guys, just browsing the inter web as a prospective buyer

The order process looks straight forward, and their unique Selling Point is pitched at speedy delivery and customisation – definitely one to add to the watch list.

The best thing about Iron on Name Tags

Are you proficient at holding an Iron? If yes you are hired. The process is about ten seconds of work with a pause with a repeat of the process.

  • Turn the steam off on the iron, and get it up to working temperature
  • Your labels may come with a protective sheet that goes over the label when adding the iron. Do read the instructions. This paper may be made of a non-stick siliconised baking paper.
  • peal the label off, set out your item of cloth and line up the label.
  • Without moving the iron, hold down onto the label, press down and count to 10. Lift off and check the label is fully bonded
  • Repeat the process one more time for a further count of ten seconds.
  • If the label does come off in the wash, perhaps the iron was not hot enough, and repeat the process.
  • do not wash the garment for at least the first 24 hours
  • Do read the Manual! That came with your order

Funky Labels

Nametags: The best way to attach, Sew, Iron or Stick: 3Nametags: The best way to attach, Sew, Iron or Stick: 4

Customised iron labels where anything from the font and Icons can be customised to order. another small business caught our eye when browsing through the inter web. Balance view of reviews. Seems like one to add to the watch list.

Maintenance and things you should know about iron on and sew on Name Tags

How to remove iron on Labels from Cloths

It is not the easiest of tasks, but there is some hope if you follow this method. Find some backing paper and place over the label, place iron on top to heat up the label. Lift the Iron off, put in a safe place and then being careful not to burn yourself try and prise the label off from the corner.

With heat the label becomes pliable and stretchy. as it cools it may become brittle and break. Therefore a repeat of the process is required.

How to prevent name Tag letters from wearing out?

wherever a label is in contact with another surface over time that friction will result in the letters wearing out or becoming faded. Perhaps not within the life cycle of the garment being used, but for items, like the inside of shoes, the wear factor can be quite noticeable. So what can be done?

embroidered Name Tag Labels

Most forms of embroidery is y the structure of the woven Cotten almost bullet proof. Have a nice look and feel and perhaps come with a premium cost to cover the extra work. If longevity is your concern look no further than embroidery name tags

Clear stickers to protect your Name Tag

Possible application for clear plastic protectors is for labels that are added to the inside of shoes, the constant moving of the foot will over time remove printed names. adding a protective shield will help keep your items firmly attached to your identity

Sewing Kits

What goers into a Sewing Kit?

Needle, Cotton and perhaps add in some scissors is the basic answer. Needles come in different sizes, thread in different colours and then scissors in different weights and levels of sharpness. Like anything, there is the basic kit all the way up to the quality kit. to the quality kit.

Sewing Kits – top picks

172 piece Sewing Kit for Adults / Children: Needle and Thread Kit Scissors Thimble Tape Measure

183 piece Premium Sewing Machine Kit including Professional Sewing Accessories, 38 XL Thread Spools

Elite Range Professional Sewing Kit XXL Portable Sewing Accessories: Tailor Scissors, 36 Threads, 30 Needles and Many More Supplies

First Sewing kit for Craft Kits, for ages 5 Years and above

Sewing Scissors

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