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The Art of Flash Cards

The art of Flashcards: Should Flashcards be part of your learning strategy

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Are flashcards Effective?

Revision for a test or preparation for a speech requires a number of preparatory steps, as you get older you may well find that sweet spot of what works for you. Flashcards offer snippets from the material you are learning. When we speak we tend to get going after the initial period as the mind fires up, a set of flash cards could be considered the mins external firing pins. Each card fires off the next salvo of thought. In revision it could be the break down of chapters, the visual representation of a difficult to remember concept. Flashcards are indeed effective, but equally its not the sole tool used for learning and preparation.

How many flashcards should you have?

For study junkies, some map out their courses throughout the academic year in flashcards. Something in the region per year of study, of 500-1000 cards for a modern language, 1500 cards for Law course, 400 cards for the sciences, 200 cards for mathematics. These are rough guides, but gives you an idea how flashcards can be used to turn the entire course into information snippets. Preparation for a Speech perhaps you have 5 to 10 cards, mapping the start middle and end.

How many Flashcards are too many?

There are no rules, its as many that is required to cover the topic of study or preparation task, remember flashcards are not miniature versions of the text books, they are simply key phrases, bullet points or visual diagrams. You will know when you have too many flashcards when they interrupt your flow of speaking, too granular for broad subject preparation or simply too big to put in your pockets.

when should you use flashcards?

The best use of flashcards is little and often. How long? well I suggest maybe 15 minutes so then you’re not overthinking and it’s good after breaks as a quick little study. The most popular size is a5, perfect for the pocket, take away from the desk, out of the office out of the school or college and study from them, refer to them and make your preparation complete with them.

Top Tips: where can you use your flashcards!

  • when you are on the bus to and after school
  • in the playground before a test normally teachers give a 5 in quick study time right before the test so that’s also a good time.
  • after dinner, to top up the mind
  • in the garden or a park after relaxation or relax while browsing your flashcards
  • Just before bed, to give your subconscious something to tick through while asleep

How to decorate your flashcards?

This is the fun part! Your visual memory is your most powerful asset. the more you decorate your flashcards the stronger the connection to the memory your flashcard will be.

  • buy a folder to put all your cards in so each one has a slot
  • Buy multi colour flashcards to denote different topics or categories
  • paper clips to band your flashcards together
  • line flashcards to make bullets more uniform and easy to format
  • blank flashcards to add visual images

Why flashcards are effective

Flashcards are incredibly brilliant,  to use it is great for your mind, and a good visual tool to use. A good thing to do is that make just the plain paper and stick it with a card for some early prep work so then you don’t have to do it later, you could do it in the car ( just not the writing part tho)And you can do different fonts for different things; such as for bullet points write in the capital letters for a more cool and stylish look. If you have big hand-writing that’s ok just make the lines bigger and make the card also bigger so you can still fit everything in just fine. You don’t have to use flashcards for just revision also could use it for photos for memories and so on. I hope this helps! enjoy!

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