Hard case or soft case pencil Case what is right for you!

Hard or soft case pencil case
Hard or soft case pencil case

Picking a new pencil case is one of the best things you can do at the start of a new year, new school, a new season or even just a new you. In this article I am going to give you a step-by-step method from dumping all of your pens, pencils and rubbers to making that new pencil case purchase to compliment your personality.

Picking a new pencil case:

The three considerations, Colour, Pattern and material of the pencil case, when combined is your brand, that is the style that will be sitting on your desk, hour upon hour, day upon day. So make it a good one. So here are some basic thoughts before browsing the 5 types of pencil case

  • Look for water-proof material (just in case there are any spills from drink in your bag or ink for a pen!)
  • do you need to have pockets (for rubbers, sharpeners, etc.)
  • Is it machine washable (for an easy wash)
  • Do I want a Hard Case or Soft Case
  • Do I like novelty design, a flag a film or a characters from a book
  • Do I like traditional design, smart, formal going places.

The Traditional leather Pencil Case

You mean business with this kit, there is no messing around here, inside everything will be sharpened, the rubber will seem eternally unused, there will not be a mark on this pencil case as you keep it in factory condition. In fact your the type of person to enter your belongings into concourse events. There is something aesthetic in the clean lines of this style of pencil case, maybe more for the older student or adult.

Wooden Pencil Case

Connecting with the earth, similar function as a hardtop pencil case.

The Hardtop Pencil Case

It is a box, a sturdy container to put your pens and Pencils inside. What more is there to say. Boxes are good at being stacked on a shelf, they sit on your desk like a house and they offer uniformity. Pens and pencils are lined up, rubber may even have its own compartment. Its clear, its functional there is no decision making going on when picking what you need out of a hard pencil case. What is there not to like, Calculator, ruler marked on the case, compass compartment. The possibilities are endless

Novelty Pencil Cases

Now we are getting somewhere, the real deal. Novelty Pencil Cases, to add some personal identity into your academic life. The only limit is your imagination and maybe your age. Do not forget to trade up dora the explorer when your sitting your PHD and you should be good to go,

Canvas Pencil Case

There is something about the cool feel of canvas. Its like your camping memories on the go. The thing with canvas it is an invitation to be written on. Just keep an eye out who you are buddied with in class and you should be good to go. Leaks from the pens will blot through, but what doesn’t get marked by a leaky pen.

Picking what to put in your pencil case:

  1. Dump all the pens out on a flat surface
  2. Make sure you have cleaned your pencil case or if its new simply give it a polish
  3. Then sort out all the pen/pencils into piles just like organising your pens and pencils —>
  4. What should be in your pencil case
  5. Pencil
  6. Pen
  7. colouring pencils
  8. felt tip marker
  9. Pencil sharpener
  10. Eraser / Rubber
  11. Ruler
  12. Compass (mind the sharp point does not pierce your pencil case, maybe best for a hard case pencil case
  13. Protractor

Buying your New Pencil case on the Used Mark

You can always trade your pencil case with someone else, but make sure you get a good deal maybe look up the cost of the broken zipped paper case you are about to swap your Smiggle with. Above all check with an adult (unless you are an adult). Trading is fun and an exchange is a zero sum game, as long as you write off the cost your parents spent on the item. Maybe Christmas presents you may wish to keep off the transfer list.

Making your own pencil case?

yes, people do make their own pencil cases and its super fun plus easy as well, here are some ideas to get you crafty and creative.

  • making a pencil pouch out of felt and sow on some colorful string.
  • using a can and add some colorful card on it
  • have a small think plank of wood and drill holes for an easy pencil holder.

what new pens should you get?

As I said on point 5, examine all your stuff to find what you might need, but what if you don’t know what you need? That what this paragraph is all about, are you missing any stationery? Ok so we have the key things like your rubber and so on, things that you might miss are glue even though schools might have it, it could be annoying always asking your friends for glue so just buy a cheap glue from any nearby store. Next is scissors this is just like the glue, it’s at school but you really want to be independent with your own stuff so as I said there is cheap stuff that you can buy. Post-stick notes are a must-have as well its great for people who always need to be reminded and buying post tick noted can help you with that also it’s great for quick flashcard making. Hole punchers and staples are also good but you would mostly use that in secondary and higher years.

Any craft ideas?

You can craft anything to look better for your style even pencil cases…

  • For a quick craft, buy a plain white pencil case and draw whatever for a more personalized touch
  • Do the same thing but add stickers.
  • buy a dark blue plain one and add glitter for a galaxy theme.
  • Some people also tie-dye for a very funky look.
  • For a painting craft, buy a paintable plain pencil case and let the creativity begin!
  • make some mini puppets out of felt and stick them on the pencil case with glue.

I hope this gave you some ideas on how to organize your pencil case. Enjoy!

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