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Famous fountain pens for famous people

Fountain Pens and their Famous owners

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Some of the biggest events in history have ended with the stroke of a pen, We take a look at the notable characters and their pens from the history books. This blog post is a work in progress and will always be added too, Add in the comments anything your would like added or any information to share

What Fountain Pen did Churchill use

Winston Churchill used a Conway Stewart fountain pen during world war 2. Conway Stewart still make pens today, including a Conway Stewart Churchill heritage pen with flag branded 18k gold nib. These pens are hand made and individually numbered.

During Churchills second term as Prime Minister in the 1950s a junior Whitehall civil servant was required to countersign state papers. The civil servant, upon realising he did not have his pen, Sir Winston Churchill leaned forward to offer him a black ‘Swan Mable Todd’ with a 14k nib.

You have ever been fortunate enough to have visited Sir Winston Churchills home at Chartwell, Kent. You will get to appreciate the volume of gifts bestowed on the war time leader throughout his career. There are many brands that have been created that bare the name in recognition of Winston Churchill. The Montblanc: Sir Winston Churchill Limited Edition 53 Fountain Pen. These pens are incredibly exclusive fine writing instruments, with a price tag to match

What Fountain Pen does the Queen use

Queen Elizabeth II like Churchill used a Conway Stewart fountain pen but also has been a known to be a user of Parker Pens for many years, Parker was also given the Royal Warrant by the Queen In 1962 to be the Royal Household official supplier of pens and ink.

The Queen has used a Parker 51 fountain pen for Official Documents, writing in Black ink.

The Golden Jubilee year Parker released the Jubilee accession Duofold in 2002

What Fountain Pen does Prince Charles Use

The Parker pen company has a long tradition of supplying writing instruments and inks to the Royal Household. The company has good form when it comes to releasing pens to mark milestone anniversaries. Parker released the Parker 105 to mark the wedding of Prince Charles with Lady Diana Spencer in 1981.Golden

Prince Charles is known for for writing letters, he has used a Montblanc Solitaire 146 sterling Silver.

A source revealed to a newspaper Prince Charles uses a ‘special’ Parker fountain pen, filled with organic ink. When travelling by aircraft.

What Fountain Pen did John F Kennedy use

The sight of a US President signing documents is quite a recognisable portrait that the interest in the pen of choice shortly follows. President John F Kennedy chose the Parker 45 fountain pen. The pen was ordered with the presidential seal.

JFK was also known to write with a Sheaffer Snorkel valiant fountain pen When he was a senator.

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