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509 best filing products

Best 509 Filing Products you can BUY right now on Amazon

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Filing papers is the first step to getting organised, and the options are limitless. We take a look at 509 4 to 5 star rated filing products on Amazon and try to map out some pointers to help you get over the line in picking your next filing product. 

The purpose of filing your papers is two fold, primary to keep your papers in a safe place and secondly, to be able to find them when you need them. The key here is to get the organisation correct. You can literally put all your papers in a cardboard box, but good luck trying to find your appointment letter, receipt or that autumn poem you wrote.

Without further ado, lets crack on and get down to help you pick your next best filing Product. 

Why Filing Boxes make sense in 2020

If you are like me and you generate allot of paperwork, the filing box makes total sense. Grab a box, label the month or year. Fill it with the appropriate date ranged papers, put the lid on and away you go. Infact the filing box is the most basic form of filing, even without a system you can quickly get your self organised with boxes. 

The greatest thing about a filing box, it provides the quickest rout to looking organised. A room of chaos can be organised in little over an hour. Everyone needs deep storage box options. If you are going to university, those primary level papers can be stored away.

Filing Method of Filing Boxes: Anything that can be grouped together;

  • Dated items i.e. the month of May, The year 2020
  • Themes or projects i.e. swimming progress, receipts this year
  • Filing boxes are perfect for long storage

Pros of Filing Boxes

  • The quickest way to get papers off the floor, off your desk, out from under your bed or cupboard. Filing boxes provide instant karma to your organisation woes. They also look great stacked

Cons of Filing Boxes

  • Filing boxes require a linear approach to finding and retrieving documents. In other words, you have to open the boxes, remove the contents and flick through each page until you find what you are looking for
  • The filing system is basic, what if you have a swimming report, with a receipt in the Month of May. Do you file it in your dated box, your swimming project box or your receipt box. 

4 Essential things to consider when buying a file folder

Put them in your bag, stack them up on the shelf, the most versatile filing product is the hard back folder. Similar concept to the Filing box, but in a form factor that closely matches the pages you intend to keep filed.

Best 509 Filing Products you can BUY right now on Amazon 1

Know your paper size, how to pick the best Filing products that are on sale right now

(1)Picking the right folder Size?

Blame it on ISO 216 standard. Everyone is familiar with A series of paper sizes. A4 being the most common form factor for folders. Paper does not stop there, It goes up in size designated by a lower A Number A number, A0. And it goes down in size to A6. 

To observe the different international paper sizes, as illustrated in our info graphic, you will notice that each size is the folded half of its predecessor. 2 A1’s will make an A0 and so on.   

As you would expect, there is a folder to match that. 

Top tip: When building your organising work space take a note of the type of paper you have that needs to be filed. Most likely this will fall into uncategorised receipts and A4 paper. 

Using the product Filter simply head the query with the paper size and follow it up with Folder to be presented with your pick of folders.

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