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Can You Swap Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges Between Pens

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Did you know fountain pen cartridges fall into 2 main categories and as long as you understand the type of Ink cartridge your pen can take, the options for your next fountain pen ink cartridge can be quite broad or quite specific to the brand

International and Proprietary Ink cartridge types

Most folks will know the concept, with printers, you have the option of buying that manufacturers ink, or you opt for compatible ink makes. You pay your money and you take your chances. With fountain pen cartridges the choice is more tied to the type of fountain pen you have. Pens typically fall into being able to accept ‘international standard ink cartridge’ or the brands ‘proprietary ink cartridge’. The international standard offers a broader scope of options when buying your next ink. The proprietary pens carries the premium of your desire to own the brand.

International standard size fountain pen cartridge

International standard cartridge Comes in 2 versions, the ‘short’ 38mm cartridges and the ‘long’ 73mm cartridge.

Most Fountain pens that can accept the international standard cartridge can take both the short and the long cartridge versions. A neat design feature, the barrel of the pen most of the compatible fountain pens can accommodate 2 short cartridges. One for the pen and one for a spare.

70 Fountain Pen makes that are compatible with International Standard size fountain pen cartridge

  • Yafa
  • Yard O Led
  • ​3952
  • ​Acme Studio
  • ​Aurora
  • ​Baoer
  • ​Bexley USA
  • ​Bossert & Erhard
  • ​Caran d’Ache
  • Cartier
  • ​Colibri
  • ​Conklin
  • Conway Stewart
  • Daniel Hechter
  • ​Danitrio
  • David Oscarson
  • Delta
  • ​Diplomat
  • ​Dunhill
  • Eboya
  • ​Edison Pens
  • ​Elysee
  • Franklin-Christoph
  • ​Hauser
  • Hero
  • Inoxcrom
  • ​Itoya
  • ​J Herbin
  • ​Jac Zagoory
  • Jean Pierre Lepine
  • ​Jinhao
  • Jorg Hysek
  • Karas Kustoms
  • Kaweco
  • Krone
  • Lalex
  • Libelle
  • ​Loiminchay
  • ​Marlen
  • Michael Perchin
  • ​Montblanc
  • ​Montegrappa
  • Monteverde
  • ​Museum of Modern Art
  • Nemosine
  • ​Nettuno
  • ​Northpointe
  • Ohto
  • OMAS
  • Osmiroid
  • ​Pineider
  • Porsche
  • Recife
  • ​Reform
  • ​Retro 51
  • ​Rosetta
  • ​Schmidt
  • ​Sensa
  • ​Sheaffer VFM or Reacktor
  • ​Signum
  • S.T. Dupont
  • ​Staedtler
  • Stipula
  • ​Stypen
  • Tibaldi
  • Tombow
  • Underwood
  • Wahl-Eversharp
  • Waterford

Proprietary fountain pen cartridge

Some of the well known fountain pen manufacturers take proprietary ink cartridges, Parker, waterman, Pelikan to name but a few. Typically the desire to own the pen is the primary consideration when making a fountain pen purchase, there is no specific delays with obtaining proprietary inks, but it is noted the depth and breadth of ink cartridges options is narrower than the international standard cartridges in terms of different manufacturers, range of colours etc.

Pen ManufacturerProprietary Cartridges
​Parker​Parker International Standard Long 
​Pelikan​Pelikan International Standard Long 
​Rotring​Waterman International Standard Long 
Graf von Faber-CastellGraf von Faber-Castell 
​RotringStandard International 
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