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5 Experiments Kids can try this summer

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Fun Super experiments to do this summer

1. Make crystals: First, you set 2 jars on either side of a dish fold a 3-foot yarn and then fold it again, twist it tightly. Then you attach 2 paperclips to each of the ends of the yarn, add bicarbonate of soda into a jug of hot water. Pour the solution into both jugs the Crystal will appear in 2-3 days.

2. Make flower petals change colour: First, you get a nice long flower and cut the stem from the bottom to halfway up and tape just at the end of the cut to prevent splitting. Then you get 2 cups and fill 3-4 quarters of the cup with water than in one cup you add a drop of food colouring (any colour), then put one half of the stem in the water cup and the other half in the coloured cup.

3. Make a cloud in a jar: First, you need to get a jar with a lid then you fill 1/3 of the jar with hot water, stir a bit to warm the sides and add food colouring. Then you put the lid upside down on the jar and put ice on the top. After a few seconds quickly lift off the lid and squirt in hairspray, then put the lid back on, see a cloud forming in the jar. When you see the cloud completely filled the jar take off the lid and watch the cloud escape.

4. Now here are something tasty to eat, lemonade ice- lolly sweets, get some nice fruity lollies and put them in an ice-lolly tray and add some lemonade, then put them in your freezer and wait until set. enjoy.

5. Make a bubble snake: firstly you get an empty plastic bottle and cut off the bottom. Then get a dishcloth and cut it in a circle bigger than the bottom of the bottle. Lay the dishcloth over the hole and secure it with rubber bands. Mix 2 parts washing up liquid to 1 part water into a bowl and dip the bottle in the bowl and on the other end take the cap off and blow, get a bubble snake.

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