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5 activities outside

5 fun things kids can do outside:

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1. Climb a tree: it’s always good to go out in there in the country-side or even in your garden but make sure it safe always ask an adult before you climb.

2. Do a treasure hunt: just ask your parents to make a puzzle with clues or get one from the internet once you got one, you could go off and solve it yourself.

3. Visit a farm: as we know farms have lots of animals such as pigs, chicken, sheep, cows and many more. You could also research the animals and learn even more from them.

4. Discover what’s in a pond: You wouldn’t believe what could be in your pond or even a local one all you really need is a tiny net and you could explore the little creatures that live in it, I tried it with a bucket and I found tadpoles and all sorts of things.

5. Learn how to use a compass: Learning how to use a compass is fun you could go to a park and use it to navigate home. Also, it is quite a skill and may help you in the future if you are lost.

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