Things they didn't teach you


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1. go camping: camping is a great trip for a family it’s fun and not expensive and it’s great in the summer.

2. Do a family bike ride: Bike rides are so fun and a great exercise for everyone.  I love it when the wind just blows in my face it’s a great trip.

3. Explore a cave: there are loads of places where you can go in a cave and explore around you could see crystals hanging from the ceiling and 500 hundred-year-old rocks you would be amazed by what you see.

4. go to a beach: Everyone loves going to the beach especially in the summer then you swim in the sea or sunbathe but one thing that’s fun is crab hunting you might be lucky to find one normally you will find them in holes or small ditches it’s really cool.


5. Try canoeing: Canoeing is a great sports families can do especially in the summer when you are in the water you can really enjoy the sun beaming in the sky it’s a great experience you have to try.


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