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28 Bad working from Home Habits to avoid

28 Bad Habits when Working From Home to Avoid

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We thought we go out in the virtual working world and ask folks this weeks question:

what are your worst Working from Home Habits?

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want to get added to the list, add your bad habit in the comments below. The list has just started

Social Bad Habits

  • Engage with Co Workers only when there are issues, problems or I need help
  • Speak to the family more than I have in the past ten years, perhaps not a bad habit
  • Always busy to help out a co worker, but have enough time to feed the cat, put out the bins
  • I find some peoples on line personality irritating, face to face get on quite well

Working From Home Bad Habits

  • Do not take breaks, fear of underachieving, not being in view of the manager
  • Without Distract from Work environment I work later
  • Reply to company emails round the clock then procrastinate
  • Check and respond to Slack at all hours
  • i have merged work and life as one continuous life, I am a renter
  • There is no real definitive end to my day
  • I now get up 10 minutes before the first meeting engagement of the day
  • I do not have morning break or afternoon but i make a 1Hr 30 lunch to go to town – works out the same, I think
  • Even if going upstairs i look for the mobile too take with me, even if its 7pm
  • My work cloths is now gym or slacks, I only do Zoom once a week
  • Waking up way too close to the first meeting of the day
  • I Shower after the first meeting, breakfast during the first meeting
  • Playing TV / Movie as background white noise
  • Playing Podcasts while trying to work
  • Playing the wrong type of music while trying to focus really upsets my working rhythm
  • Sitting all day
  • Going out to put the bins out at 8pm only to realise the top lock on the door is still locked from the previous night
  • Placing the work area in the bedroom and never leaving it
  • Digital self isolation, not making human contact days on end other than work responded emails
  • Not getting into producing the report during the day, then worked all night to get it done

Bad Habits for employer

  • I take regular breaks by walking through to the bedroom and take naps
  • Between moments of procrastination I pick up the guitar start strumming
  • Working from the café
  • Great flexible working culture, I tend to be able to disappear off the radar

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