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The World of Working From Home (WFH)

Struggling with your studies, battling  to get going? PROCRASTINATION: Its time to take back control of study time and end the cycle of procrastination. Learn simple and effective strategies to get on top of your learning and fulfil your full study potential.

The World of Vintage Fountain Pens, find yourself a new hobby and detach from the zoom call treadmill

Parker Sonnet Fountain Pen

1000 Reviews: Parker Sonnet Fountain Pen is it Good

Brief History of the Parker Sonnet Fountain Pen ★★★★★ The Parker Sonnet range of Fountain Pens was launched on the market in 1993 to take up the role of a new flag ship parker fountain pen. It is Parker at its best, delivering a virtually flawless performance. This pen’s beauty

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fountain pen cartridge

Can You Swap Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges Between Pens

Did you know fountain pen cartridges fall into 2 main categories and as long as you understand the type of Ink cartridge your pen can take, the options for your next fountain pen ink cartridge can be quite broad or quite specific to the brand International and Proprietary Ink cartridge

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stop multitasking now

14 Top reasons you Should STOP Multitasking Right Now

We all multi task in some shape or form, watch tv and browse the phone, eat breakfast and read the paper. Walk to school and eat crisps. In fact life would be pretty mundane unless we multi task to some extent. Usually when the task at hand does not require

procrastination can get you down

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing

Step 1

The back bone of a good plan is to learn something new. The AK-Kidslearner has a rolling blog of thinking on diverse topics around the study and home working genre. To that we have added the shop, which ranges over 17000 products and is powered and delivered via the Amazon Store

ORGANISE Your Work Stream

how to organise your locker

5 Step plan to organise your locker at school or work

Not everyone has a locker but this is for those who do and need help organizing their locker. Lockers are just your own personal space to store stuff so then you don’t have to carry all your things around all day. 5 Step Organising plan in brief Firstly take out

The Home of Working From Home (WFH) 70

Wonders of Food and Recipes for fun and relaxation

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