Better ways to Study: Organise, Plan and Do for Success

Struggling with your studies, battling  to get going? PRACRASTINATION: Its time to take back control of study time and end the cycle of procrastination. Learn simple and effective strategies to get on top of your learning and fulfil your full study potential.

World of Erasers

The World of Erasers

The World of Rubbers – The Rubber and Eraser Shop International – United States, Italy, France, Germany, Canada and the United Kingdom

Step 1

The back bone of a good plan is to learn something new. The AK-Kidslearner has a rolling blog of thinking on diverse topics around the study and home working genre. To that we have added the shop, which ranges over 17000 products and is powered and delivered via the Amazon Store

ORGANISE Your Work Stream

Selective memory

Strategies that work: Working with Selective Memory

Struggling to remember information, this is what to do Have you ever struggled to remember information for a test you have been studying for the last year, cannot seem to recall what you just read yesterday, or when asked to give a 30 second intro of your project, off the

Top Tips when you are Working form Home

6 things to do before working from home

How to prepare for Working from Home for the 1st Time

I have decades of experience of working from home, either full time out of the office or split between face to face and working form home. In this time I have amassed the essential list of things I do before I embark on a working from home assignment. Understand the

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Home Office Ergonomics is your health at risk?

Ergonomics of your Home Office – are we risking our health

All workers have the right to work in places where the risk to their health and safety are appropriately controlled. This includes things such as the ergonomics of the working environment to the employee. Health & Safety legislation is now so well embedded in the United Kingdom the phrase health

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The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing

Food for Focus

Delicious Food Recipes

Better ways to Study: Organise, Plan and Do for Success 13

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